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Unclaimed Property and Surplus Funds Recovery Services

Unclaimed Property and Surplus Funds Recovery Services

Every state has unforgotten assets known as unclaimed property or surplus funds. This property goes to state levels to be protected. This has been occurring as far back as the 1940’s in the United States. Many institutions such as banks, are required to submit these funds to the government after a certain amount of time has lapsed.

During a foreclosure, a property can be sold via auction. If a property is sold over the asking price, there is a surplus of funds. This surplus of funds is supposed to go back to the homeowner less any liens, IRS, child support, foreclosure and any other miscellaneous fees.

If you have had a property foreclosure, you may be entitled to surplus funds from an auction sale!

Right now, there is approximately 5 billion dollars of unclaimed property in the United States.

1 out of 10 people in the United States have unclaimed funds!

Unclaimed property and surplus mortgage funds can occur in a variety of ways:

    • Moving and mail not being forwarded
    • Life insurance unclaimed due to loss of communication or records
    • Will or safe deposit box not collected
    • Leaving a job and not properly liquidating pension or other funds
    • Excess foreclosure sales

Types of accounts that go unclaimed:

    • Security Bonds
    • Escrow Bonds
    • Safety Deposit Boxes
    • Pensions
    • Insurance Policies
    • Government Refunds
    • Wages
    • Bank Accounts
    • Utility Deposits

Our team of highly skilled professionals can help you to recover these funds with no upfront or out of pocket costs or fees to you.

We have developed contacts and relationships to develop a process to effectively and efficiently get your money to you! Quickly and painlessly as possible! We work in all 50 states to provide you the service that you need!

We simplify the process for you. All you have to do is, worry about receiving your money that is owed to you!

There is nothing better than receiving a pleasant surprise; especially when it is cash in your hand!

Ready to find your unclaimed property or money? Contact us today!