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Acreed Management makes selling your home easier than ever before with seller financing.

What is seller financing?

The basic principles of seller financing are familiar to almost all consumers. While you might be familiar with the term installment or installment plans, you just might not have known that this process can also be used in purchase and sell real estate. Seller financing is just a payment agreement plan between a seller of a property and a buyer of the property.

Instead of paying the entire cost of an item up front, you pay a little over time, over several months or years. Installment plans are common for items such as cars, furniture and appliances. Consumers can purchase almost anything on the installment plan, including real estate. Seller financing of real estate has utilized by many successful sellers and buyers for many years.

Why sell your home/property via seller financing?

Instead of dealing or borrowing money from a bank or other financial institution which can be complex, the buyer borrows from you. The buyer and seller come to terms on amount of years of the loan, the interest rate, sales price etc.

You (seller) act as the bank! Saving time and money!

Sell your single or multi-family home with less stress and faster turn-around when you work with Acreed Management

What are the benefits to me as a seller selling my home via seller financing?

  • Fewer Costs – There are no expensive loan costs to worry about. Save on origination fees, points, underwriting fees, mortgage insurance premiums, realtor commissions and other junk fees. Many traditional lenders require potential borrows to wait 45 days or even longer to qualify for institutional lending. Time is money and seller financing can save the deal from falling through and save you tons of money!
  • Fast Closing- With no fees and pre approvals your property can close quickly. If your property has been on the market for a while, selling your property via seller financing may speed up the process.
  • Price- You can usually get your full asking price or even more! Get a better return on your money. As the owner of the mortgage note, you become a lender and the money you would get from the sale of the house, you can possibly make more money. You receive enormous tax savings on capital gains, and a better return on their money vs if you had it in the stock market and savings account or retirement account.
  • Future Stable Income – Have steady source of income. Many owners would much rather have monthly payments coming in verses a lump sum that they lose a large chunk to taxes.
  • Security- The purchase price is collateralized by the property. Since the mortgage is secured by your interest in the property via a mortgage, if any issues occur (non-payment etc), you can take back the property and get your money back.
  • Installment Sale Tax Deferral – When property is sold at a gain and subject to tax there can be an opportunity to delay a portion due when reporting under the Installment Sale Method (Speak to a qualified tax professional for further details).
  • Liquid Asset – The seller owns a liquid asset, which is just a fancy way of saying somebody will purchase the note, mortgage, trust deed, or contract on the open market. Many sellers elect to sell their future payments to a note investor or note buyer for cash today rather than payments over time.

What requirements are needed for me to be able to sell my home via seller financing?


How will I receive my payments? Will my taxes be paid?

Using a reputable company such as https://www.loancareservicing.com/ these common concerns are easily eliminated. You will have peace of mind that your loan will be paid on time and secure with professional processing and easy access to your account history and payments online; available 24/7.

Taxes need not be paid on the portion of the payments representing return of basis–the amount the seller originally paid for the property. Tax must be paid on the portion representing the gain from the sale; this is paid at capital gains rates, which are usually lower than ordinary income tax rates. The seller must also pay regular income tax on the interest the loan generates and is paid each year.

There are many instances when getting paid over several years is better for a seller. If you (seller) are paid the sale price up front, then you would have had to pay tax on the entire gain in the year of the sale. With seller financing, you (seller) spreads your overall tax obligation over time. This reduces your overall tax responsibility and the amount of taxes you pay.  Consult with your tax professional or a qualified CPA for more information.

What about the Dodd-Frank Act?

We purpose residential properties for investment purposes. The mortgage originator law and the main concern of most owners in regard to the Dodd-Frank Act, applies only to situations where purchasing residential properties will be utilized solely for personal residences only.

A residential property includes up to four units and applies to homes, condominiums, mobile homes, townhomes, apartments, and other similar related properties.

Can I sell my house with seller financing if I still have a mortgage payment or balance on my loan with my bank?

Absolutely! While each situation is different, we will work to find the best solution for you!

How do I sell my property via seller financing?

Just contact us at info@acreedmgt.com to start the process of selling your property today!


If you are a home owner looking to sell your home then we can help. We specialize in buying well maintained single and multi-family homes to be used for flips, rentals, community housing for veterans and at risk populations, ranging from 2 or 3 bedroom up in our currently selected specialized markets. We also consider homes that may need repair. If we purchase your home and it is distressed it will receive special attention during the improvement stages to bring it up to our standard.



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